We are your local, neighborhood internet service provider bringing you high-speed internet, cable television, and telephone services! We strive to provide friendly, responsive service to you so you don't have to live in the city to have capable and quality internet, TV and phone service! 

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Bringing high-speed internet, telephone & cable to the country!

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Hi-Speed Internet
  • Live in the country and  have high-speed internet
  • Download speeds up to 15 Mbs. Fast enough to stream video & run your own business!
  • Soon available up to and over 25 Mbs!
  • Residential : $49.95
  • Business Class: $64.95
  • Corporate: $74.95

Cable TV

  • Cable TV much less than satellite 
  • Don't pay for 100s of channels you never watch!
  • Cable - good mix of sports, movies,  network TV. Mix of digital stations
  • No Contracts!
  • Digital: $35.95 per month; Digital Plus:  $66.55 per month

  • Telephone/FAX service & cable & internet
  • Get a landline - NO CONTRACT!
  • Unlimited local, long-distance, forwarding, Caller ID, waiting and Voice Mail
  • Bundle & save with CountryVision!  Residential at $34.95 with DATA bundle!

  • DATA and voice are eligible for package discounts‚Äč


Wireless dual band data Router: $4.95/ mo. rental--all internet packages

What We Offer

  • Hi-Speed Internet

  • Cable TV

  • Telephone

  • Easy Payments